Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Thoughts-Old Habits

Wow, another late day.  Got off to a late started today.  Started the day off with reclaiming my inoculated surfaces and claiming another, the living room sofa.  Then I went back to dress to shoes and scratching out my morning routine.  

Before I realized it, I was back to old habits and cleaning in circles.  I would start a project in the sitting room (I am working on changing this room from a catch all room to Elijah's space) and then I would find myself working on a paper pile in the living room. Susan Olins of  Life Goes Strong worked with a professional organizer who kept her on track.  A couple of her tips were, "Never to travel to another room without an armload." and "Finish one thing at a time."  Not all of us can afford a professional organizer but we can definitely take their advice and do what we can on our own.  

Right now, the sitting room seems like an overwhelming task but I am convinced that if I chip away at it a little at a time, it will get done.  I made some pretty good progress in there today and each day I will devote 30 minutes to clearing the clutter in this room until Elijah has his own space.  Another piece of advice given by the professional organizer was to break large tasks into smaller, much more manageable ones.  Definitely a piece of advice I need to put into practice with this room.

Another helpful hint I got from Life Goes Strong is to make a list of your pockets (random accumulations or hot spots) and figure out which projects can be completed in a smaller interval of time when finding a full 30 minute chunk just isn't possible. My next mini project to tackle will be the pantry closet.  Mom and I devoted some really productive time to it last week and the only thing that needs to be done is to group like foods and make of list of things that need to be replaced.  The perfect project for a day that is filling up quickly.

Not only did I revert to my old cleaning habits but I seemed to be off my game entirely today.  I even got off track with my diet changes. I really am not sure what happened, but I think that I missed my first step in my new morning routine and it was down hill from there. Will definitely have to get back to the basics tomorrow.

 Do you have trouble changing old habits?  Would love to hear from you.

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