Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Changes-Back to Basics

So I followed the Fly Lady's advice and wrote out my Morning Routine.  It made such a difference this morning, even when the boys tried to rattle me, I was able to stay on track and get to things that needed to get done.

Change is hard and going through life with conscious thought is even harder.  As crazy as it may sound it's much easier to try and get by just riding the wave of a hectic life instead of having a plan and a purpose.  The latter just creates more chaos with important things falling through the gaps and only makes things more hectic where (and I am hoping this theory will be proven right in my life) having a plan creates order in which life can be purposeful and with the important stuff handled, more times that can merely be enjoyed.

In addition to the morning routine, she recommends a  Before Bed Routine which I have also set into motion.  It's amazing how much having a checklist to go by makes things go so much more smoothly.  Of course, every night is a little different, especially with the boys, but I try to stick to the basics and everything falls into place.

What kind of routines do you have in place at your home?  What are your "back to basics" routines?

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