Friday, May 25, 2012

This Mami is Down for the Count

 I've come down with the worst cold.  My children are really good at sharing and all the adults in this house are down for the count.  Wish I could just crawl into bed and wake up next week, but Mami needs to keep truckin, right?

Ok, so get out of bed, dress to shoes (not today), brush teeth/wash face, shiny sink (I don't think so), deal with the boys (Diapers, potty, clothes.  Thank God someone already got breakfast!)

Now to reclaim inoculated surfaces.  Been doing pretty good with this but this morning I just want to cry.  Already feeling pretty bad last night, I didn't do my regular "peruse for clutter" rounds so this morning things are a bit out of control.  

Have no idea what to make for dinner, don't feel like cooking anyway.  Any ideas?????


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