Monday, August 20, 2012

Manic Monday-Getting Back on Track...Again

Hi Friends, I've missed you!  I have been working hard.  Working my zones and routines and focusing on specific areas to get them into tip top shape.  And most importantly, I have been focusing on getting the boys on a good routine.  That has been the real challenge.  The baby is walking now and that is all he wants to do, even when he is so tired that his legs can no longer support him.  My oldest had a little regression issue with his potty training, he actually told me he was a baby and he NEEDED to wear diapers.  And my middle son has been so great, I have been working extra hard to make sure he doesn't get lost in the shuffle. SO where do I find time to write?  The short answer is that I don't.

But there is GOOD news!  I'm back! At least for now.  So let's get started with our MANIC MONDAY!

Mondays are always crazy at our house (I may have mentioned this before).  We're trying to get back on track from the weekend, we love when Daddy is home but it changes up our routine a bit and we need Mondays to get back on it.  

Monday is also trash day.  Now that has been our issue the past couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago the trash men came earlier than they ever have before.  We were caught collecting our garbage and even though I ran down my driveway yelling, "Please wait!!!!", off they went, never to return.  Now I think I have mentioned before that I live in a VERY rural place.  We're talking deer and bears, rural.  Putting our trash out the night before is not an option, so what is our alternative?  Getting up before 7 am to get the trash to the curb before they arrive, but this week the trash men were here an hour before they came last week.  Urgh!  There is good news!  Hubby put the trash out before he left for work at 6 am so all was good.  Thanks to the LORD! 

So my question for all of you is, do you have a relationship with your trash men and how do you avoid getting caught with trash cans full of trash for two weeks?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recipe Tuesday-Jicama Citrus Salad

For many Jicama, known as the Mexican potato, may be an unknown vegetable with a unique taste.  One of my favorite things about Jicama is its wonderful crunch and ability to soak in any flavor you add to it.  For those of you who have never tried Jicama before, it's a crunchy and juicy tuber and I believe that it's flavor is a cross between an apple (though not as sweet) and a potato (though not as starchy).  It's texture also resembles an Asian pear.
I found my Jicama in the grocery store with a wax covering.  Apparently, Jicama has a very tender skin that can bruise easily and they can dry out quickly so many growers cover them with a coating of food grade paraffin for protection.
To prepare the Jicama first peel the skin being careful to also peel away the fibrous layer just beneath the skin.

 Then thinly slice and them cut into 2-inch strips. Set aside.
Next, prepare the Pineapple.  For many, a fresh Pineapple may seem intimidating to tackle, but if you follow these quick easy steps, I assure you, there is nothing to worry about and you'll never go back to canned Pineapple again!
First, trim off the top.  Next if the Pineapple does not sit level, trim a bit off the bottom too.
Once it is standing steadily upright, begin trimming off the skin from to bottom, around the entire fruit, being careful to catch all the eyes.
Then, slice the Pineapple in 1-inch circles.
Next trim the flesh away from the core.
Then cut the pieces in bite size cubes
and set aside.
Next prepare the segmented oranges.  I always begin by trimming away the top and the bottom so the orange sits level.
Then I trim away the skin, being careful to trim away all the bitter pith.
Then I take the orange in my hand and cut out the segments using the natural lines in the orange as my guide. Cut away the segments from all 3 oranges and set aside.
Next, prepare the dressing.  Unfortunately, this is the only photo I took of the dressing.  Juice one lime and add 3T Olive Oil, 1/4t Cayenne (or less according to taste, I used 1/8t), 1/2t Chili Powder, 1/4t Cumin, 1/4t Salt, 2T Honey, 1 Garlic Clove, minced and 3T Orange Juice. Set aside.
Now it's time to assemble the salad.  Combine the Jicama strips with orange segments .
Then add Pineapple chunks, 
 thinly sliced red onion, 1/2C chopped Cilantro and dressing.
 Toss gently and chill until serving.

Buen Provecho!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Manic Monday-Organizing For Travel

Hi Friends!  A Mami's work is never done and although the list is long on a Monday, it is even longer when you have to add preparing to travel to your already mile long "To Do" list.  All things through Christ, right?

When I get ready to travel I like to start with a list of all the things I need while I am away and if I am traveling with the family, I will make a list by person.  Of course, in this day and age, we are never too far away from department or all night pharmacy chain stores; but who wants to spend money on things you already have and clutter up your home with containers of half used body wash?
Next, I pack all necessary medications into a zip bag so that everything is easily accessible and can be tossed into my car travel bag at the very last minute.  Then I check on everyone's clothing list and make sure that all the items are clean leaving plenty of time for a load of laundry (or two). Lastly, I put together little travel bags for the boys with their favorite toys (trucks & trains), a book & snacks.

A day or two before any trip I like to put together my car travel bag.  It has a change of clothes for each child,  diapering kit, anti-bacterial gel, sanitary wipes, small first aid kit, snacks, juice cup refill container and the necessary medication bag. Inevitably the morning of any trip there are always last minute things to pack and I make a list for those items too so that I can check them off as we pack up the car.

This is my plan, is it fool proof? NO.  Our last road trip was to the beach and the boys' life vests stayed behind.  Oh well, nearly had everything we needed. :)  Every trip is a bit different but I am glad to have a basic plan in place.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you prepare for travel.