Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Manic Monday-DIY Storage Ideas

Who wouldn't want a craft studio that looks like this?  Everything has a place and all of your supplies are at your fingertips the moment inspiration hits you.

You all know, I have been working on getting my house organized and finding simple solutions to store things out of sight.  One of my favorite places on Earth is the Container Store.  This place has the coolest things!  They seem to have thought of everything you could possibly need to get yourself organized.

Unfortunately, we are on a very tight budget at our house and I have been looking for some creative DIY solutions to my organizing woes.  It all started with this picture:

From and

Anyone who knows me knows that we have plenty of diaper boxes on hand.  I was over the moon.  Soon I had been searching for hours, finding all sorts of ingenious ideas like this:

And this: and

And this:
The possibilities are endless.  And when I say endless, I really do mean ENDLESS!  I found countless ideas for all sorts of DIY container storage and you don't have  to be limited to covering boxes you already have on hand, you can cut and transform those boxes to be any dimensions you need.    
I am so excited to get crafting again.  Now back to scheduling so that I can block out the time. LOL  


  1. Paula, what a GREAT idea! Especially the tic tac idea. My mom always has tic tacs, I'm sure she'd save her containers for you if you ask! LOL!

  2. Thank you for not making me prove I'm NOT a robot anymore. :)

  3. Thanks Lois, and there are tons more that I plan to share as I make them. Thanks also for the heads up, I will reach out to your mom. :)