Monday, July 16, 2012

Manic Monday-To Do List Part II

Happy Manic Monday folks.  Hope you had a great weekend and took some time to vote for my Foodie Friends Friday recipe.  I called this post To Do List Part II because I finally got a chance to get on my Todoist account and put together my "To Do"s for each part of my house as well as my morning and before bed  routines.  

It took some time, time I never seem to have, but now that they are done, I have a detailed list of each task needed in each room/section of my house.  My hope is that now that they are complete, I can use these lists to set up regular schedules for these tasks to be completed and delegate to the other adults  in the house where ever and whenever possible.  Sounds like a plan right?  I'll keep you posted!

 I am also currently working on my Fly Lady control journal and FACE journal (Financial Awareness Continually Empowers) and will have a post about that coming soon.

I feel good about today, off to a great start for the week.  God's grace and fingers crossed to stay on track for the week. Your prayers are always appreciated!

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