Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday-Family Fun Day-Fun, Free Kid Friendly Activities

Family on a budget?  Looking for fun things to do with your kids that cost little to no money?  Well, this is the post for you!  We are a family on a budget, a STRICT budget, and I am always looking for creative, inexpensive ways to keep my boys occupied and have fun doing it.

Did you know that Facebook has a page about finding free family fun time?  The page is called Make Everyday Count.  So far it has some interesting posts. I will continue to check it out.

I also found some great ideas on Familyfun.Go.comCrafts by Age

 and some wonderful Summertime Desserts.

 Been finding lots of great homemade craft materials too.  Like

homemade bathtub paint.  And

Homemade Edible Fingerpaint.

It is always great to visit your local library and check out your community calendar to see what great activities may be going on in your area.  Oftentimes, these community events are free.  Well, I hope this helps.  Please, leave a comment to let me know what you like to do with your children.  All input will be greatly appreciated.


  1. I absolutely loved taking Olivia and Michael to the library when they were younger. In the summer there were so many great programs for them and we would spend hours there enjoying the programs or the free computers and I would read magazine after magazine while they were occupied. Great ideas Paula. Makes me miss my kids being young!

    1. Thanks for always posting a comment! Yes, my boys love the library too, although they are not quite well versed in library etiquette yet, they love it there. Especially the one Brodheadsville, near the middle school, it has a wonderful gallery of wax doll shadow boxes that they can stare at for hours (in between all the running around, of course).

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