Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Thoughts-Summer Reading

Today was Library Day, or as my 4 year old calls it, Lawberry Day.  Our lovely Library has a wonderful Summer reading program this year and today we read books all about night creatures.

The boys did surprisingly well.  They even lasted through the seemingly endless list of announcements that started the session.  About 30 minutes in, the natives began to get restless but I know that the more we go, the better and more engaged they will be. 

It really warms my heart to see my boys interested in books.  I especially love when they sit reading, sometimes with the book upside down, reading intently, brow furrowed.  It just warms my heart.

Reading and books have always been my favorite thing. I've always said, "Some girls have a shoe department store thing, I have a book and second hand bookstore thing.".  I've never found a second hand bookstore I didn't love.  I can walk into a second hand bookstore and walk out looking like Pretty Woman after her shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.
Unfortunately, I have done very little reading for pleasure over the past couple of years, if it isn't a parenting magazine or book  on child rearing, then I haven't laid eyes on it.  Something I truly have missed. But recently I have been finding the time to read a bit, mostly small novels.  Most recently I read, Pemberley Or Pride & Prejudice Continued by Emma Tennant.  Not a bad little novel, even if I didn't completely give myself over to Tennant's version of Elizabeth.  It was nice to read something for pleasure that was about characters I love.

This Summer, along with committing 30 minutes a day to reading to the boys, I have decided to start reading fiction again for myself.  My first challenge is to finish reading PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern, which I have only been trying to read, I think since Evan was born...YIKES!  And then onto the phenomenon which is The Hunger Games which comes highly recommended by all my book loving friends.  If I am successful in this endeavor, I hope to add some book discussion to this blog.  I hope you all will join in. 

What are your favorite books and what are you reading this Summer?

Remember support your local libraries, they need our support.

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