Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday-Back on Track

Hello Friends!  Today was the day to get back on track.  Many of you know that I am on a decluttering journey and I am working to take my house back from the chaos of clutter.  Well, there have been many ups and downs on this road, but every accomplishment is a tiny victory. Monday's are very busy days because in addition to our regular morning routine, we have to collect every scrap of garbage and recycling and get it out to the curb before the trash men come to pick it up.  We never know when they might show up, it could be 8:30 am as easily as it could be 3:30 pm, which makes Monday mornings a furious, chaotic race against the clock.

Today was different.  I got up a bit earlier than usual and got my day off right. I have tried to this many times but it seems like every time I do, something always happens to muck up the works, the boys wake up earlier than me, someone is in the bathroom so I can't get started, I am up all night the night before...but this Monday it was like all the stars were aligned.

While the boys slept in, I prayed, read my bible, got dressed head to shoes and headed into the kitchen to clean out the fridge and start collecting the trash. It was brilliant!  It worked so well that once the boys got up, I changed diapers, did the potty run and got them breakfast complete with daily vitamins and allergy meds.  Then I got them dressed and into the family room to play, all like clockwork.  

Having a morning routine really works!  Now, here's to hoping that the rest of the week will flow as nicely!

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