Saturday, June 9, 2012

Movies...Knight and Day

We have a free weekend of premium movie channels this weekend and I have finally gotten to see Knight and Day.   I have to say, I really enjoyed it.  It had a nice mixture of comedy, action and romance.  I think it is a good family rental with exception of younger members due to some language and the obvious violent content.  

What I would love is to discuss this movie with any readers that may have seen it.  Although the story is pretty straight forward, there was this one part at the end that I have a theory about because it wasn't really spelled out in the movie.  I just love that!  I love when movies leave little holes in the story that leave your mind to wander and create alternative endings or places for open discussion.

What movies do that for you?  And PLEASE, if you have seen this movie, leave a comment, I have a question for you...


  1. Never saw it! Sorry! Olivia and I went to see the new Snow White movie today and it was pretty good!

    1. looking forward to seeing movies in the theater again....Well, keep me posted if you see it, I have a question about something that happened at the end :)