Monday, June 18, 2012

Manic Monday-Mastering the Zones

Wow! Who wouldn't want this Master Bedroom?

Hi again, it's another Manic Monday!  Today I am tackling Zones.  On the FLY Lady recommends that you break your house up into manageable zones and each week her followers tackle a different zone.  This week the zone is the Master Bedroom.  Each day there is a new mission to complete, and by the end of the week, the hope is that you will have reclaimed that space.  Of course, it depends on what condition the room/area is in to begin with.  My Master Bedroom has been an everything room for quite some time so I'm thinking that it may take a few times around the zone chart for it to be mine again but I am up for the challenge.

Today the challenge was to take 15 minutes and remove all that you can in that amount of time that does not belong.  The problem is, what to do with all the things that have to be removed????

How do you manage your housework?  So you break your house into zones?  What are your time saving tips for different areas in your house?  Tell me, I really want to know!


  1. What I live by...everything has a place and everything in its place. You need to find a place for everything and make sure you always put things in their proper places. I know it sounds redundant, but I literally can tell when there is something missing and immediately go look for it to put it where it belongs. It's usually my hubby or daughter who put something away in the wrong spot. Keep going!

  2. I guess that is still my problem, finding a place for everything. :)

  3. I think plenty of people have found Flylady's advice to be beneficial. Maybe you should stick with that and give it a good whirl! I'm dropping, briefly, from Walking on Sunshine. Good Luck!