Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Wow, sorry I have been MIA.  Had a family wedding this weekend and I was completely occupied with catching up with out of town family members, the wedding and then catching up with my boys.  

Manic Monday was exactly that.  Spent time reclaiming inoculated surfaces, and catching up on some phone calls (which of course ate into my decluttering time) but the best thing was that I got to reconnect with a cousin that I haven't spoken to in over 8 years. We have had some minor communication over Facebook but haven't actually spoken to each other until yesterday.

It was a lovely time of reminiscing hearing all about his life. He told me about his new career, his daughter and caught me up on some of the family gossip.  We promised to make this a regular thing and I believe we will.

It may seem strange to most, but my family, on both sides, has never been the kind that was very close.  My mother is the youngest of 5 and all of her siblings live far from each other.  I was closer to my aunt & uncles while I was younger but now it seems like we are limited to a series of long distance phone calls and chance visits if anyone of us can be lucky enough to travel near any of the other.  Having relationships with my cousins has been nearly impossible.  Growing up estranged from my father made any relationship with his side difficult but as an adult, I have been able to forge my own relationships with my aunts and uncles and my adult cousins.

If you are not careful, life can get in the was as it did with my cousin Joseph, and before you know it, it can be 8 years before you have spoken.  

What do you do to stay in touch with the people you care about?

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