Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random Thoughts- Public Libraries

I have many fond memories of growing up in our community public library and I hope that my boys will have the same.  We have been visiting our community library for the past few years and we really enjoy visiting The Phoebe Conrad Gallery  which houses a lovely collection of her wax sculptures depicting a variety of scenes from beloved fairy tales and children's stories as well as participating in Story Hour and the Summer Reading Program.

Because of my love for libraries, I have really been disturbed by our state's continual cuts to public library funding.  It pains me to see that our library has the need to continually hold fund raisers, in the shape of raffle drawings for donated items (handmade quilts, goodie baskets, etc), as well as keeping a jar on the front desk for donations "to keep the lights on".  I have truly concerned that if things continue on their present course, there will be no public libraries for my boys to bring their children to, if they even last that long.

I know that my readers have very different political views and I don't wish to alienate anyone.  With that said, I feel that it is irresponsible for me to sit back and say nothing while the current presidential administration takes all the heat for the current state of our nation's economy.  The problems we are suffering now were created long before any spending made by this administration and the most unfortunate thing is that this country has been spending money on so many unimportant things while providing tax cuts for the wealthiest, that now there is no money left for the important things like providing healthcare for the poor and maintaining our countries infrastructure, never mind providing much needed funding to our schools and public libraries.

My wish for my fellow Pennsylvanians and Americans is that regardless of our political affiliations (or belief that we must vote a certain way because of our faith), we would not sit complacently by as politicians, who the majority are part of the wealthiest, continually cut the budgets our schools and libraries.  WE can not allow anymore cuts in these areas.  WE must require them to find other places to find funds (their salaries and benefit packages perhaps or raising their taxes and the taxes of their friends are my suggestions for a good way to start). In the meantime, please come out and support your community public library; buy a raffle ticket, empty your change purse into the electric bill jar, or better yet, return your book or DVD a few days late and pay the fee.  It's for a VERY good cause.

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