Monday, August 6, 2012

Manic Monday-Organizing For Travel

Hi Friends!  A Mami's work is never done and although the list is long on a Monday, it is even longer when you have to add preparing to travel to your already mile long "To Do" list.  All things through Christ, right?

When I get ready to travel I like to start with a list of all the things I need while I am away and if I am traveling with the family, I will make a list by person.  Of course, in this day and age, we are never too far away from department or all night pharmacy chain stores; but who wants to spend money on things you already have and clutter up your home with containers of half used body wash?
Next, I pack all necessary medications into a zip bag so that everything is easily accessible and can be tossed into my car travel bag at the very last minute.  Then I check on everyone's clothing list and make sure that all the items are clean leaving plenty of time for a load of laundry (or two). Lastly, I put together little travel bags for the boys with their favorite toys (trucks & trains), a book & snacks.

A day or two before any trip I like to put together my car travel bag.  It has a change of clothes for each child,  diapering kit, anti-bacterial gel, sanitary wipes, small first aid kit, snacks, juice cup refill container and the necessary medication bag. Inevitably the morning of any trip there are always last minute things to pack and I make a list for those items too so that I can check them off as we pack up the car.

This is my plan, is it fool proof? NO.  Our last road trip was to the beach and the boys' life vests stayed behind.  Oh well, nearly had everything we needed. :)  Every trip is a bit different but I am glad to have a basic plan in place.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you prepare for travel.

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